Continuous in-app protection and security validation
Mobile application shielding made for developers to release secure apps, fast.


Secure library allows for secure communication and storage


In-app protection shielding and safeguard sensitive information.


All security features will be tested at build time. Can be extended.

The Yinkozi Enterprise Solution

Designed to prove your threat-to-impact protection and deliver value

  • Remove bug classes by using our secure library
  • Prevent IP theft, tampering and reverse engineering
  • Continuous security evaluation through our extendable testing suite
  • Comprehensive suite of tailored services
  • Covering iOS, Android and Xamarin applications
  • Easy deployment with one single configuration file to protect the entire app

Trusted by the largest banks to replace their current solution

Want to know how secure it is?

Test our demo application called Protocol

  • Get daily the top 20 security news from 5000 Security researchers
  • Fully secured by Yinkozi mobile shield
  • Under bug-bounty program

Available on the App Store & Google Play

Ready to protect your mobile applications

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