Yinkozi - an independant information security firm

Since 2014, we provide you with an effective partnership whereby we can assist you in identifying evolving vulnerabilities and risks in an ever changing landscape wherein we will be able to map the corresponding impact to assist in enabling timely remediation before any possible exploitation.

Ride Into the risks


Risk Assessments, Opportunity Studies, Infrastructure Analysis & Benchmark Prodcuts/Solutions.

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Consolidate the bases


Training, SDLC Framework, Optimisation IDS/IPS & Threat Intelligence Fields

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Evaluate the future


Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Infrastructure Review & Compliance Checks

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Be ready for a crisis


Incident Response, Forensics (Host, Network & Mobile), Crisis Management & Malware Analysis

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Our Areas Of Expertise

How we can assist you

About Yinkozi

We consult with companies who need to improve the security and reliability of their information infrastructure, products or investment targets, including applications, systems, hardware, networks and take all the appropriate steps to identify and protect them from threats and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information electronically stored, processed or transmitted. We work with vendors and enterprises to pinpoint and eradicate security flaws, using penetration testing, reverse engineering, and source code review.

Our consultants are at the top of their fields having vast experience in performing penetration testing and security assessments for some of the largest banks, telecommunication carriers, government institutions and over a dozen Fortune 500 companies in highly secure environments

Enterprises have worked with the consultants of Yinkozi to:

  • Verify the security of third-party products before deploying them in sensitive networks
  • Assess in-house applications and assist development teams in remediation and proactively avoiding security flaws
  • Understanding the security implications of complex technologies such as middleware, mobile applications, and large scale infrastructures

Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment

Application Security

Mobile Application, Win 32 Native Applications, Amazon Web Services, Web Applications & drivers/firmware

Source Code Review

C, C++, C#, QML, Objective-C, PHP, .NET, ASP, Java, JSP, Javascript, HTML5 Cordova, PL/SQL & Python


Network Components (Switches, Firewalls, ..), Appliance & Security Solutions

Compliance Checks


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Comprehensive Methodology

Differentiators & Value

We understand that our clients require agile and accurate assessments of their systems, regardless of the technology those systems are built on. We are specialists in understanding complex systems and deployments and are adept at building security testing frameworks to provide the most accurate testing possible, thus ensuring that we can effectively communicate the details of security flaws, and provide accurate and specific remedial advice.

  • Unique/Proprietary Research
  • Have recognized researchers and high skills security consultant
  • Threat based assessment
  • One service covering code in development & live applications

We do not simply run a set of commercially available tools to discover common vulnerabilities. We apply highly specialized and manual tests that are customized to each individual's environment within scope to discover complex, and commonly unknown vulnerabilities.

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